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In the heart of Galicia

Pazo de Sestelo is located in a privileged place of Galicia, at 1.5 km from Silleda, which is the capital of the municipality. Just half an hour by car from Santiago de Compostela, it allows you to enjoy a stay in the countryside combined with cultural, artistic and historical activities. Pazo de Setelo is also a perfect enclave for Camino de Santiago.



Interesting points in Galicia

In the following map we detail the areas of greater tourist and cultural interest of Galicia.

Pazo de Sestelo is located in an ideal place to enjoy the Galician region.

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Tourist attractions near Pazo

Reference distances from Pazo de Sestelo

An hour by car you can visit all the high and low Galician Rías, as well as all the Galician cities and the North of Portugal, the catamaran route of the Riveira Sacra by the Monastery of San Esteban de Rivas de Sil is one of the most interesting ones. The provinces of Orense and Pontevedra are just 40 minutes away by car and the Rivera Sacra is 30 minutes away.

The Sanctuary Nuestra Señora de la Saleta, Monastery of Carboeiro, the Waterfall of A Toxa and the Monastery of Acibeiro, among others.

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